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dog walking

Happier Hounds are pleased to offer our dog walking service to Wroughton, Chiseldon, Wichelstowe, West Swindon, Old Town, Rodbourne and neighbouring areas.


Our off lead group walks are for those dogs that like to be sociable and with energy to burn. These walks are currently enjoyed by all sizes of dog.


We will collect your dog from home and take them to nice country parks such as Lydiard or Coate Water or other open spaces where the dogs can have a good run and really stretch their legs or play ball. They receive a full 30 minutes exercise and all the dogs we walk are sociable and very welcoming.


If your dog is a little nervous we can organise quieter walks to help build their confidence. Most dogs settle very quickly. Why not call us to find out more about what we offer.


We may be able to provide individual walks, for those who prefer their own company or need restricted exercise while recovering from an operation.


We always remove muddy footwear on entry to your home and all dogs get a rub down with a towel when wet or muddy. As well as reducing the amount of mud they bring into the house a good belly rub and a tickle always goes down well at the end of a walk! We also put down fresh water and if allowed we settle your dog in with a treat before leaving.


We are happy to offer these services on either a regular, short term or adhoc basis.


All visits to your home are in an unbranded vehicle. Discreet visits mean that we do not advertise that you are not at home.

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