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Dog walk west Swindon

Happier Hounds

Our service



Happier Hounds has been walking dogs since 2008. During this time we have catered for  most breeds of dogs, large and small, and the requirements of the most discerning of owners.

We provide group walk of up to 4 dogs for those that love to be social or have energy to burn. We also provide individual walks for those dogs that maybe prefer their own company or require a little more one on one attention. For our group walks we carefully match each dog to pets of similar age and energy levels. You can see what your dog gets up to in their secret life of our Facebook Page.

We will collect your loved one in one of our vans equipped with air conditioning and segregation and take them to a safe place such as Lydiard where they can either run and play ball, or somewhere quieter where they can take their time a bit more to enjoy the different sounds and smells . Their exercise time is a minimum of 30 minutes before we start to return the dogs.

After each walk the dogs are towelled down if required and settled in with fresh water and a treat.

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